Hiking and Biking to Mirante Ponta da Boca da Barra in Ferradura, Búzios

Hidden within the picturesque neighborhood of Ferradura in Búzios lies the trail to Mirante Ponta da Boca da Barra. While Búzios is famed for its pristine beaches and lively streets, this trail offers an intimate encounter with nature, leading explorers to a viewpoint that provides breathtaking panoramic vistas of the coastline.

Overview of the Trail

Located in Armação dos Búzios in Rio de Janeiro, this 2.7-km circular trail is generally considered an easy route, making it perfect for adventurers of all skill levels. On average, it takes about 47 minutes to complete the trail. Popular among hiking enthusiasts, mountain bikers, and casual walkers, this trail provides a balanced blend of liveliness and serenity. Despite its popularity, if timed right, especially during quieter hours, one can find solitude amidst nature. Open year-round, the trail invites visitors in every season, each offering a distinct ambiance and beauty.

Pedestrians and cyclists share the same path, promoting a harmonious interaction between different adventurers. The trail has an elevation of 83 meters, providing just enough incline for a mild challenge without being overly strenuous. For those seeking an easy-access route that offers tranquility, this trail is an excellent choice.

The Viewpoint and Surroundings

As you ascend the path, the culmination point is the viewpoint, revealing rocky bays that are often graced by fierce waves crashing upon their shores. For the nature enthusiasts, with a keen eye and a touch of luck, you may spot turtles inhabiting the waters. These gentle creatures add a touch of magic to the landscape.

One of the standout experiences at this viewpoint is watching the sun descend behind the mainland. The warm hues of sunset cast a golden glow, painting the sky and sea with colors that are almost otherworldly. It’s a spectacle that attracts many and remains etched in the memories of those fortunate to witness it.

Choosing Your Path

Upon reaching a three-way choice on the trail and facing the hill, it’s crucial to make the right decision. For those seeking an easier and more navigable route, turning right is advisable. This path is clearer and offers a straightforward ascent. On the other hand, the left path is more overgrown and might prove a bit challenging for some. Depending on your sense of adventure and skill level, you can choose accordingly.


The trail to Mirante Ponta da Boca da Barra in Ferradura is a testament to the natural beauty that Búzios holds beyond its beaches and bustling streets. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or simply walking, this trail promises a journey where the reward is a view that captures the heart. Engaging with nature, witnessing wildlife, and watching the mesmerizing sunset from the viewpoint provides an experience that stays long after the journey concludes. So, tie those laces, gear up that bike, and embark on an adventure that harmoniously blends challenge, beauty, and tranquility. Find more biking routes and hiking trails.

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