Backpacking in Búzios: Exploring on a Low Budget

Búzios, once a quiet fishing village, now stands as a premier destination on the Brazilian coast. While its luxurious resorts and upscale dining might seem daunting for backpackers, there are plenty of ways to experience its charm without splurging. Here’s your guide to making the most of Búzios on a tight budget.

Affordable Accommodation

Búzios is not short of opulent resorts, but it also caters to the budget traveler. The town has numerous hostels that are perfect for backpackers. These establishments not only provide affordable lodging but also serve as great hubs to meet fellow travelers from around the world. Additionally, there are traditional Brazilian pousadas or guesthouses. Opt for simpler ones, and you might just find a deal that doesn’t compromise comfort for cost.

Eat Like a Local

Ditch the touristy, upscale restaurants and head to where the Búzios residents eat. Street food vendors are a treasure, offering delicacies like “pastel” or “coxinha”. Frequenting local markets can also be a game-changer. Here, you can buy fresh produce and whip up your own meals, ensuring both your health and wallet are in check. And don’t forget the tapioca stalls – they’re both delicious and easy on the pocket.

Beach Hopping: The Ultimate Free Activity

Búzios boasts over 20 distinct beaches, and the best part is that relaxing on these sandy stretches costs nothing. From the more bustling Praia do Canto near the city center to the serene and picturesque Azeda and Azedinha, accessible via a short hike, there’s a beach for every mood and preference.

Navigating Búzios: On Foot and Public Transport

The unique charm of Búzios often lies in its narrow, winding streets. Exploring the center of town, especially the famous Rua das Pedras, on foot is not only cost-effective but also a delightful experience in itself. For longer distances, dodge the taxis and use the local “vans” or buses. They’re the transport of choice for many locals and are both affordable and frequent.

Free Attractions and Activities

Búzios isn’t just about the beaches. The Orla Bardot boardwalk is a fantastic spot to watch the sunset, all while being surrounded by intriguing sculptures, including one of Brigitte Bardot. For those itching for some activity, there are numerous hiking trails. For instance, the path to Ferradurinha beach promises breathtaking panoramic views.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Búzios’ nightlife is legendary. But instead of splurging in upscale clubs, consider the more budget-friendly options. Some beaches host informal parties where you can bring your own beverages. Alternatively, make the most of happy hours in bars, where early evening deals can be a real steal.

Smart Planning and Bargaining

Planning can go a long way. If you’re keen on an activity that requires an entrance fee, check if there are discounts for early bookings or off-peak visits. And, when shopping, remember to haggle. Bargaining is common, especially in local markets.


Búzios, with its eclectic mix of Brazilian culture, stunning beaches, and vibrant life, is a must-visit. And as any savvy backpacker knows, with the right approach, even the seemingly upscale destinations like Búzios can be conquered on a shoestring budget. Happy travels!

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