Local Fruits You Must Try When Visiting Búzios, Brazil

Búzios, a picturesque coastal town in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is more than just a tropical paradise adorned with pristine beaches. It’s a place where the land generously offers an array of fruits that you won’t want to miss. While the town is primarily known for its tourism, the region’s climate allows a wide variety of fruits to flourish. In this article, we take a delectable journey through the local fruits that you absolutely must try when you’re in Búzios.

Tropical Delights


This tropical favorite is a must-try, whether you consume it freshly sliced, in a smoothie, or as part of a dessert. The sweetness and tanginess of locally grown mangoes capture the essence of tropical living.

Papaya (Mamão)

Papaya is another tropical staple that you’ll come across in Búzios. From breakfast tables to exotic salsas, the versatile papaya is a local favorite.


Nothing quenches the thirst like a freshly cut pineapple, or better yet, a chilled glass of pineapple juice. In Búzios, you’ll find this tropical treasure in many forms—fresh, juiced, or even grilled.


Bananas in Brazil come in a variety of types, including both sweet bananas and plantains. Often fried, boiled, or simply consumed fresh, the banana is a staple in local cuisine.

Citrus Symphony


From sweet to tart, the different varieties of oranges available are rich in flavor and bursting with juice. Don’t miss trying a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice to start your day.


No visit to Brazil would be complete without sipping on a Caipirinha, the national cocktail. The key ingredient? Lime, which thrives in the region.


Sweet, juicy, and perfect for a beach snack, tangerines in Búzios offer a burst of flavor and are often consumed fresh or juiced.

Exotic and Unique


Though not grown in Búzios, açaí berries are an integral part of Brazilian cuisine. Served as a frozen treat or smoothie, this Amazonian berry is a health-packed delicacy you shouldn’t miss. Vendors usually sell Açaí and other street food at the beach.


From sweets and jellies to fresh slices, guava is a versatile fruit that adds a tropical flair to various dishes.

Passion Fruit

Known locally as “Maracujá,” passion fruit is commonly used in desserts, juices, and cocktails. Its unique tangy flavor makes it a memorable culinary experience.

Caju (Cashew Fruit)

Native to Brazil, Caju is the fruit that gives us cashew nuts. The fruit itself is juicy and slightly sweet, definitely worth trying.


This grape-like fruit is unique to Brazil and is often made into jellies, wines, and liqueurs. Its distinct flavor makes it a local delicacy.


So there you have it—a gastronomic tour of the fruity delights that await you in Búzios. Whether you’re exploring local markets, dining in high-end restaurants, or enjoying a beach picnic, these fruits offer a succulent slice of what Búzios and its surrounding region have to offer. Don’t miss the chance to taste these natural wonders on your next visit to this Brazilian haven.

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