Pedal Paradise: A Guide to Cycling in and Around Búzios

Nestled on a stunning peninsula in Rio de Janeiro state, Armação dos Búzios, popularly known as Búzios, is much more than just a beach destination. Its winding roads, scenic overlooks, and lush landscapes also make it a haven for cycling enthusiasts. Whether you’re a casual rider or a seasoned cyclist, exploring Búzios on two wheels offers a unique perspective of this charming town. This article provides an in-depth look at cycling in and around Búzios, detailing the routes, must-see spots, and practical tips.

Popular Routes

Búzios Town Loop

Distance: Around 10-12 km
Highlights: Rua das Pedras, Orla Bardot, Ferradura Beach
This relatively flat circuit offers an ideal introduction to the town’s main attractions. Starting from the famous Rua das Pedras, the route takes you along the picturesque Orla Bardot, passing by Ferradura Beach, before looping back.

Manguinhos to Geribá

Distance: Approximately 5-6 km
Highlights: Manguinhos Beach, Porto da Barra, Geribá Beach
This short route is perfect for those interested in beach hopping. Start at Manguinhos Beach and ride along the coastline until you reach the buzzing Geribá Beach, which is also famous for surfing.

Búzios to José Gonçalves

Distance: About 15-20 km (one way)
Highlights: Scenic viewpoints, secluded beaches
For those looking for a bit more adventure, the route to the neighboring village of José Gonçalves offers more challenging terrains and spectacular views. Be prepared for a few uphill stretches!

Mirante Ponta da Boca da Barra in Ferradura

Distance: 2.7 km (circular)
Highlights: Rocky bays, turtle sightings, captivating sunset views
Embark on an easy and serene journey to one of Búzios’ hidden gems, offering both hikers and mountain bikers a chance to witness nature’s grandeur. Opt for the right path at the 3-way choice for a smoother experience to the Mirante Ponta da Boca da Barra.

Must-See Stops

Rua das Pedras

Starting or ending your cycling tour at this bustling street is highly recommended. It’s full of restaurants, bars, and shops, making it a perfect place to refuel or unwind.

Mirante do Forno

This viewpoint in the forno neighborhood overlook offers one of the most breathtaking panoramic views of Búzios. It’s a short but steep detour off any route but is well worth the effort.

Porto da Barra

This gastronomic and shopping complex in Manguinhos is a great stop for refreshments, offering a range of dining options and boutique stores.

Practical Tips


Búzios offers several bike rental shops, providing options from standard road bikes to more advanced mountain bikes. Some even offer guided tours.


Always wear a helmet and make sure to carry essentials like water, a basic first-aid kit, and a repair kit for minor breakdowns. Given that the sun can be quite strong, don’t forget to apply sunscreen.


While Búzios is generally less crowded than larger cities, it’s crucial to be cautious, especially on narrow roads and turns. Always obey traffic rules and be aware of your surroundings.


Cycling in Búzios offers an exhilarating way to explore the town’s picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, and vibrant neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking to cover a lot of ground or just meander through scenic spots, cycling allows you to experience Búzios in a way that’s both active and immersive. So, on your next visit, consider swapping the car ride for a bike ride to truly capture the essence of this Brazilian paradise.

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