Hiking in Búzios: The EcoTrail from Praia do Canto to Praia Tartaruga

Nestled on the Brazilian coastline, Búzios offers an intriguing fusion of urban charm and natural beauty. While its vibrant streets and nightlife attract many, its pristine beaches and hidden trails call out to the nature enthusiasts. Among these, the EcoTrail from Praia do Canto to Praia Tartaruga stands out as a unique way to explore Búzios’ splendid seascapes and ecosystems.

Praia do Canto: The Journey’s Inception

Your adventure starts at Praia do Canto, a tranquil beach situated near the heart of Búzios. With its calm waters, anchored boats, and proximity to the lively Rua das Pedras, Praia do Canto serves as a harmonious blend of urban and seaside life, making it the perfect starting point.

The EcoTrail Experience

As you tread the path, you’ll be encapsulated by the Atlantic Forest, a testament to Brazil’s abundant biodiversity. The trail, with its soft whispers of sea waves and melodious bird songs, is a sensory delight. It takes about 45 min. to hike from Canto to Tartaruga and the trail offers a lot of shade. If you like biking please check out other routes as this trail is not suitable for mountain biking.

Though the trek is relatively moderate, some stretches can be challenging, especially after the rain, so caution and appropriate footwear are advised. Throughout the journey, spanning approximately 2 kilometers, you’ll be treated to:

  1. Magnificent Overlooks: Elevations along the route offer panoramic vistas of Búzios’ coastline. These spots are ideal for a short break, some contemplation, and, of course, photographs to immortalize the experience.
  2. Diverse Flora and Fauna: The trail lets you get up close with various plants, trees, and flowers, many of which are indigenous to the region. With luck, you might spot lizards basking in the sun, butterflies gracing the air, or even small mammals darting through the undergrowth.
  3. Hidden Beach Pockets: Beyond the named beaches, the trail provides glimpses of secluded sandy stretches, untouched and away from the regular tourist hustle. Along the trail you will find the Praia dos Amores and the Praia das Virgens before you reach the Praia da Tartaruga.
  4. Stunning Viewpoints: The Mirante dos Amores and Mirante das Virgins offers breathtaking views. But the highlight is definitely the Mirante da Tartaruga which offers a spectacular view over the Praia Tartaruga!

Praia Tartaruga: Enjoy a swim at the beach!

The trail gracefully concludes at Praia Tartaruga. This beach, named after the sea turtles (tartarugas in Portuguese) that occasionally grace its shores, boasts warm, crystal-clear waters and is renowned for its snorkeling opportunities. The underwater world here is vibrant, teeming with marine life that’s easily visible due to the clarity of the water.

Praia Tartaruga’s relatively elongated stretch allows for sunbathers, families, and sports enthusiasts to find their comfortable nook. And after the hike, there’s nothing quite like plunging into its inviting waters to relax and rejuvenate.

Several kiosks line the beach, offering refreshments and local delicacies, ensuring that visitors can satiate their hunger and thirst post the adventurous trek.

If you have some energy left you can continue the walk all the way to Porto Barro at the Praia Manguinhos. Check out more hiking routes in Búzios.


The EcoTrail from Praia do Canto to Praia Tartaruga isn’t just a walk; it’s a journey that encapsulates the essence of Búzios. It bridges the gap between the town’s urban charisma and its undisturbed natural allure. So, if you’re in Búzios, lace up your hiking shoes and embark on this trail for an experience that’s both invigorating and serene.

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