5 Hotels Directly at the Beach in Búzios for Every Budget

Are you looking for a beachfront hotel in Búzios? Then check our recommendations for accommodations that lie directly on these sandy shores. If waking up to the sound of waves and stepping right onto the beach from your hotel is your idea of a dream vacation, then this guide is for you. Delve into these five remarkable beachfront hotels in Búzios that cater to every budget:

1. Hotel Pousada Brava Club at Praia Brava – 3.5 Stars – $160

Perched on the mesmerizing Brava Beach, the 3.5-star Hotel Pousada Brava Club ensures every guest feels the beach’s pulse right from their room. An outdoor pool offering panoramic ocean views and an on-site restaurant-bar, where the scent of delicious food mingles with the fresh sea breeze, encapsulates the essence of a beach vacation.

2. Vila da Santa Hotel Boutique & Spa at Praia Ossos – 4.5 Stars – $300

On the serene shores of Praia Ossos beach lies the 4.5-star Vila da Santa Hotel Boutique & Spa. This boutique haven merges luxury with nature’s grandeur. Two inviting outdoor pools mirror the sky, while the on-site spa offers serenity. Guests can commence their days with breakfast and conclude with a gourmet dinner, all while being serenaded by the whispers of the waves.

3. Nativa Búzios at Praia Maguinhos – 2 Stars – $43

Nativa Búzios, a quaint 2-star oasis, sits directly on the golden sands of Maguinhos Beach. Just a heartbeat away from Porto da Barra, this beachfront gem tempts with its “Restaurante” serving delectable lunches, and a bar where the ocean’s rhythm accompanies every sip. Adventure awaits with canoeing and boat tours, while tranquility is promised in the verdant garden surroundings.

4. Villa Raphael at Praia Ferradura– 3.5 Stars – $180

Villa Raphael, located at the heart of Praia Ferradura and offers guests a tranquil 3.5-star beachfront escape. Here, relaxation finds its way through an outdoor pool and a soothing sauna. Delight your taste buds with the in-house restaurant’s authentic Brazilian cuisine, and set the tone for an enchanting evening at the bar/lounge, which offers a rich array of cocktails set against the backdrop of the setting sun.

5. Le Relais La Borie at Praia Geriba – 4 Stars – $270

Elegance meets the pristine sands of Geriba Beach at Le Relais La Borie. A symphony of luxury and nature, guests are treated to the embrace of two outdoor pools, a comprehensive wellness area to rejuvenate the senses, and the exquisite “Chez Francoise” restaurant, serving regional delights for breakfast and lunch. The two on-site bars/lounges craft the perfect ambiance, ensuring that days seamlessly transition into vibrant nights.

Wrapping it Up:

In Búzios, every beach tells a story, and these hotels are the gateways to each tale. They not only offer luxurious amenities but also an unparalleled proximity to the ocean. Whether you’re seeking solace in nature, adventures on the water, or simply the pleasure of beachfront living, Búzios ensures memories that last a lifetime. So, pack your beachwear, and let the symphony of waves guide your next holiday.

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