Embracing the Winter Charm: A Guide to Búzios in the Off-Season

Búzios, a sun-soaked Brazilian coastal town, may be renowned for its balmy summers, but its winters offer an understated allure that shouldn’t be overlooked. With mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and an air of tranquility, winter in Búzios (typically from July to September) presents an opportunity to explore this vibrant destination in a more relaxed setting. From scenic boat rides to culinary excursions, here’s how you can make the most of Búzios in winter.

Winter Beach Bliss

While sea temperatures dip a bit in the winter, hovering between 68°F to 73°F (20°C to 23°C), they’re still comfortable for swimming, especially for those accustomed to cooler waters. Winter’s less crowded beaches like Ferradura, Geribá, and João Fernandes offer a serene backdrop for sunbathing and seashell collecting.


Winter months often see stronger waves, making it a perfect season for surfing. Geribá Beach is particularly popular among surfers, offering challenging waves for both beginners and experienced riders.

Culinary Adventures

Seafood Extravaganza

Winter is a great time to explore Búzios’ culinary scene without having to wait for a table. Dive into a seafood feast at one of the many restaurants along Rua das Pedras, and try local dishes like “moqueca,” a traditional fish stew.

Coffee Culture

With the temperature a tad cooler, it’s an excellent opportunity to indulge in Brazil’s rich coffee culture. Sip a cup of strong Brazilian coffee at a cozy café while enjoying the winter air.

Culture and History

Church of Sant’Anna

This 18th-century church offers not only a slice of local history but also panoramic views of the surrounding beaches. A visit here during the quieter winter months provides a peaceful spiritual retreat.

Art Galleries

Búzios has a rich artistic culture. Many galleries stay open year-round, offering a cozy indoor experience. From paintings inspired by local landscapes to sculptures by renowned artists, there’s a wealth of creativity to explore.

Exploring Nature

Hiking at Serra das Emerências

If you’re a nature enthusiast, winter is the ideal time for hiking, as the weather is much more agreeable. Serra das Emerências offers a range of trails where you can enjoy panoramic views and possibly spot some local wildlife.

Boat Tours

While boat tours operate year-round, the winter season offers a more personal experience. Enjoy the archipelago’s natural beauty, hop off to swim in secluded spots, and savor the peace that comes with fewer tourists around.


Winter doesn’t slow down Búzios’ vibrant nightlife; it only makes it more intimate. Enjoy live music performances at local bars, or simply stroll through Rua das Pedras, which remains bustling with life.


Winter in Búzios offers a unique experience, blending the natural beauty and vibrant culture of the town in a more tranquil setting. Whether you’re dining al fresco without the summer crowds, catching winter waves, or hiking through untouched landscapes, Búzios in the off-season is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

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